Who to contact

TOURS: 650-329-2396
PERMITS: 650-329-2122

Report hazardous spills, illegal dumping, storm drain blockages, sanitary sewer backups or overflows in your community.

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Not finding what you need?
Call the City of Palo Alto Public Works - Watershed Protection at 650-329-2122 or email cleanbay@cityofpaloalto.org.

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To the City of Palo Alto Regional Water Quality Control Plant and the Household Hazardous Waste Station.

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Videos &
Fun Stuff


Learn how wastewater is cleaned and how to keep pollution out of homes, creeks and San Francisco Bay.

Watch the science and engineering behind wastewater treatment
How to avoid sewer overflows into your home or onto your street (hint: don't flush that kitty litter even if the box says you can).

Can't Flush This! (rap video)
Learn what should and shouldn't get flushed in a fun and silly rap song.

Consumer Reports tests if Flushable Wipes really break down
Many products that claim to be flushable actually cause sewer backups. Learn what Consumer Reports says about "flushable wipes."


Learn how some choices at home can contribute to pollution in the Bay.

Safer Pest Control
Learn safer ways to control home and garden pests.

Dispose of Household Hazardous Waste Safely
Dispose of hazardous waste the right way to protect your family and San Francisco Bay.

Don't Rush to Flush!
Watch this short white board video on safe medication disposal, developed by the California Product Stewardship Council

Bottle vs. Tap
Say no to bottled water! Learn how drinking bottled water is negatively impacting our wallets AND our environment.

The Story of Microfibers!
Shirts, pants, dresses, underwear… most of what we wear every day are made of plastic synthetic materials that release trillions of microfibers into our environment!


Other fun stuff!

Zero Waste Challenge Every City Face: Palo Alto Shares Experience
Phil Bobel, Assistant Director of Public Works Palo Alto, describes the Waste Management Challenge and how Palo Alto is addressing it.

The Water Challenge a Growing Number of Cities Face
Phil Bobel, Assistant Director of Public Works Palo Alto, describes the water challenge and how Palo Alto is addressing it.

The Evolution of California's and Palo Alto's Climate Plans
Michael Killen asks Phil Bobel, Assistant Director of Public Works Palo Alto, to share what he has observed.

Learn how mercury from the Gold Rush era still impacts San Francisco Bay today.
San Francisco Bay is still healing from Gold Rush era mercury and gold mining.

Risk Bites
Learn about the Science of Risk through these fun, animated videos.

Save the Creeks
by RWQCP, Palo Alto Girl Scout Troop 60123