Publications & Permits

Pollution Prevention Documents and Reports



Where Does Our Water Go?

Where do stormwater and wastewater come from?

What Happens After It’s Flushed?

Wonder how your wastewater is treated before it goes back to the Bay?

Recycled Water

What is recycled water and what can it be used for?

You are the Solution to Water Pollution

Pollution prevention tips for around your home

Clean Cars and Clean Creeks

Environmentally-friendly tips for keeping your car clean!

Problem With Ants?

Manage pesky ants using integrated pest management (IPM) techniques!

Oh Rats!

Keep rodents out of the home and children, pets and wildlife safe.

Microplastic Monitoring and Science Strategy for the San Francisco Bay

Want to know more about plastic pollution research in the San Francisco Bay?

Are You Ready for a Winter Storm?

Keep these storm preparation tips and resources ready on hand this winter season.

Toilets Aren’t Trash Cans!

Never use your toilet as a trash can!

Prevent Fleas and Ticks

Make the switch to chewables for flea and tick control meds for your pets!


Municipal Regional Stormwater and Storm Drain Permit (NPDES Permit No. CAS612008)

For a list all other permits, please view the RWQCP page.